Virtual and Online Events

  • assertiveness event

    Assertiveness Seminar (6 December 2024)


    This session will help you build confidence to be more assertive more of the time. And how to disagree without being disagreeable!

  • diet and nutrition after brain injury

    Diet and nutrition after brain injury


    Delivered by Sheri Taylor, Specialist Rehab Dietitian with Specialist Nutrition Rehab.

  • ethical-leadership

    Leading with Purpose: A wellbeing-centric approach to ethical leadership


    Embark on a journey toward a more compassionate, inclusive, and ethically-driven leadership style.

  • investor summit 2024

    Modern Investor Summit 2024


    The largest finance event in the world for retail investors.

  • sports side hustle event

    Sports Business Speaker Series – Episode #16: Side Hustles In Sports


    Join us for a panel discussion that will focus on the sports opportunities that you can do on the side!

  • the productive-researcher

    The Productive Researcher


    Find out how you can become significantly more productive as a researcher in a fraction of your current working day