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Tinka WorkFlow System
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Ways Businesses, Agencies, Startups, and Affiliates can partner with Tinka

Strategic Sales Partnerships

Businesses and agencies can engage in sales partnerships with Tinka to sell/resell their services, software, or training programs, expanding their offerings and revenue streams. Businesses and agencies can also form strategic partnerships with Tinka to collaborate on joint projects, co-create innovative solutions, and leverage each other’s strengths. These partnerships can lead to expanded market reach, shared resources, and a more comprehensive suite of services for customers.

Referral and Affiliate Programs

Startups and private individuals can join Tinka’s referral and affiliate programs, promoting its services and offerings to their networks. In return, they can earn rewards or commissions for successful referrals, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Socially responsive
Referral and Affiliate programs

Content Collaboration

Content creators, agencies, and businesses can collaborate with Tinka to produce valuable and informative content. This includes guest blog posts, webinars, or co-hosted events, helping to reach a broader audience and establish thought leadership in the industry.

Technology Integration Projects

Startups and technology companies can partner with Tinka to integrate our solutions within their platform.  Startups and private individuals with unique project ideas or innovative solutions can also collaborate with Tinka to bring their concepts to life, accessing the expertise and support of the Tinka team.

Training and Certification

Businesses, startups, and private individuals can benefit from Tinka’s online training and certification programs to upskill their workforce or enhance their knowledge in various domains, thereby contributing to professional growth and business success.

financial education
Be Relevant: Earn the Iboora certification

We are continually expanding to add new features and programs to Tinka. We give listening ears and a kind heart to you and your feedback in your dealings with us. We appreciate your time with us and want to make it the best.

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