A paperback book is a book with a thick paper or paperboard cover, which is typically less expensive than hardcover books, and with the pages bound together along the spine with adhesive or stitches, making it lightweight and portable for easy reading.

  • living-soul-full-cover

    Living Souls: A Teen Chase For Glory


    This is a teen fiction piece that successfully blends a successful startup story with art, education, and technology.

  • PoeticMemoirs_enhanced

    Poetic Memoirs Of A Young Son: My Set Out Journey


    Poetic Memoirs of a Young Son” invites readers into a captivating world of true-life reflection and lyrical expression.

  • Providence marketing front cover

    Providence Marketing (Sales Digits Series Book 4)


    Providence Marketing, applicable across diverse marketing domains including digital marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and niche marketing, represents a revolutionary approach that centers on the producer and their offerings.

  • Distinction style marketing front cover

    Sales Digits: Distinction Style Marketing (Sales Digits Series Book 2)


    Distinction Style Marketing revolutionizes how businesses succeed online in the fast-paced, hyper-connected world of 21st-century digital marketing by developing advertisements that not only catch people’s eyes but also move them while utilizing the power of data-driven personalization to make customers feel truly valued.

  • Sales Digits The reveal marketing approachSales Digits The reveal marketing approach

    Sales Digits: The Reveal Marketing Approach (Sales Digits Series Book 1)


    You can win anything with the knowledge revealed in this book

  • book-cover-silent-roses

    Silent Roses


    The beauty of this collection resides in its capacity to cross boundaries and speak to anybody who has ever been touched by the wonder of love. Whether you believe in fate’s hand or are a curious traveler in the domain of emotions, these poems encourage you to participate in the universal language of love.

  • book-cover-recruitment-marketing

    The Recruitment Marketing Approach (Sales Digits Series Book 6)


    Uncover the secrets to revolutionizing your recruitment strategies with “The Recruitment Marketing Approach: The Networking Style.”

  • serpent-eye-chronicle-Full-cover-JPEG

    The Serpent Eye Chronicle: The Enchanted Quest


    If you crave epic adventures, intricate mysteries, and the allure of magical artifacts, “The Serpent Eye Chronicle” is your gateway to a world of enchantment and wonder. Discover the secrets that lie beyond the Serpent’s gaze and let your imagination soar in this captivating tale of bravery, friendship, and the enduring quest for truth.

  • The surveyor marketing approach front cover

    The Surveyor Marketing Approach (Sales Digits Series Book 3)


    This all-inclusive manual transformatively walks you through the art of strategic communication, where each word becomes an effective tool in influencing the minds of consumers.