Become an Affiliate and Earn up to 40% of Sales

Are you ready to step into a realm of exceptional rewards and collaborative success? Look no further than our Affiliate Program, where possibilities are limitless and earnings are substantial. By becoming an affiliate, you’re not just endorsing our empowering membership tiers, but you’re also unlocking the potential to earn an impressive 50% commission on every membership sale you generate.

As an affiliate, your role is crucial in spreading the word about our dynamic membership offerings. When you refer individuals who recognize the value of our platform, you’re not only contributing to our growing community but also securing your slice of the rewards. Imagine the possibilities as your efforts translate into substantial earnings – a direct reflection of your dedication and influence.

Our Affiliate Program is designed for both profit and partnership. It’s a testament to our belief in collaborative growth. With a simple and transparent process, you’ll receive the tools you need to effectively share the benefits of our membership tiers with your network. And every time a sale is made, you’ll witness the tangible results in your earnings.

Join us in shaping the narrative of success, not just for yourself, but for those you bring into our community. Empower others, amplify your influence, and enjoy the rewards that come from being an integral part of our journey. The door to a new realm of possibilities is open – step through and let’s achieve greatness together.

Each affiliate account opened at Tinka, receives a unique affiliate ID to begin, as an affiliate. Join Tinka today and become an affiliate

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